The Righteous Are Barely Saved | Forthright Magazine

In one of the many tornadoes that lashed the American south last Wednesday, an elderly sister in Christ hid under her kitchen table. After the twister had passed, nothing was left of her house, except the table and the sister underneath it, unharmed.

In another town, another sister in Christ was saved only because she clung to bathroom fixtures as the tornado ripped the shoes off her feet.

In Christ the world sometimes sweeps away around us and would whisk us away with it, if we did not hide in the shadow of God’s wing and cling to the Rock that is higher and firmer than we.

We understand Peter’s paraphrase of Proverbs:

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About J. Randal Matheny

Randal has lived in Brazil with his family since 1984. He teaches the gospel in person, in print and on the Internet. Email him!
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